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(Originally published in Poetamenos (Poet-Minus) 1953.

Translation Augusto de Campos, Marco Guimarães and M. E. S.

From: ARTES HISPANICAS / HISPANIC ARTS.  Volume 1  Number 3 &4   Winter Spring  1968.  Textos e antologia de Poesia Concreta no mundo com destaque para os brasileiros Augusto e Haroldo Campos, Décio Pignatari, etc



Augusto de Campos, "amorse" 2004, translation of 1985 visual poem in Despoesia, 1994.

From: PERRONE, Charles A.  Brazil, Lyric and the Americas. Gainsville: University Press of Florida, 2010.   p. 146-148  ISBN 978-0-8130-3421-8


"The late-twentieth-century surge in communication technology especially benefited, in terms of exposure and understanding, the legacy of poesia concreta (even if somewhat tardily), as well as aiding subsequent similar experiments that relied on visuality, kinetic roles, or other nonconventional strategies.  A wonderful example of inter-American poetic ingenuity was offered by Augusto de Campos, the artist who remained most faithful to the synthetic visuality  of classic concrete poetry.  The 1985 piece "amorse" is a signic homage to the inventor of telegraphic code and lays bare the emotive fundaments of lyric via a line by the Spanish American modernista José Asunción Silva.




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